Jolimont Occupational Therapy

Jolimont Occupational Therapy
Jolimont Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy commonly known as (OT) treatment is designed to help children with physical, cognitive or sensory disability
to be independent. Children with various needs can improve their cognitive
skills and enhance their self esteem through the treatment. Occupational therapists first evaluate a kid’s skills and then compare it with what is developmentally appropriate to that age group. OT also addresses psychological, environmental and social factors that affect the functioning of an individual.

All about Jolimont Occupational Therapy

Jolimont occupational therapy for children understands that the earliest years of a child are characterized by new simulations as well as novel experiences that shape their cognitive, physical and social growth. However, these years are critical for brain development. As a result, Jolimont offers early intervention programs designed to help your child develop without delays or restrictions.

The treatment helps children to improve their coordination, organization and focus skills as well as evaluate learning issues. The treatment is especially useful to children with Down syndrome, autism learning issues, those with sensory processing issues as well as self-regulation problems.

Some children are provided with occupation therapist services at school through IEP. Nonetheless, if your child is experiencing some difficulty in different areas of their lives, you can request an evaluation. The test is designed to show if the kid is struggling with academic skills. If the child qualifies for OT they can receive direct services whereby a therapist works with your child in a small group setting or even individually based on what IEP team deems appropriate. Therapists also give teachers consultation services to teachers.

Jolimont is known for having highly trained occupational therapists with years of experience in the industry. We take care of your child right from diagnosis to treatment and offer high quality services that will ensure that your child is performing optimally.

Make an informed decision to consult Jolimont occupational therapy and
ensure the health of your child.